Retrospective is an original play combining live performance and VR. It is immersive and site-specific: audiences move through rooms of a house/gallery space, encountering live scenes interspersed with opportunities to view VR fragments and find hidden details and artifacts.

The audience is guided by a museum docent, a (seemingly) reliable guide, who introduces each scene and assists with VR viewings between scenes. Each VR segment is a character's memory, a 360 video fragment captured in the space the audience is standing in. As the audience explores each room, the virtual and live puzzle pieces combine to create the full story. 


In the near future, memories can be downloaded and replayed. Painter Calvin Brody struggles with a fading memory as his son and daughter work to preserve his past and repair their fragmented family. Both a gallery tour of Brody’s artwork and a journey through his recollections, Retrospective explores mixed-reality technology, intergenerational trauma and the unreliability of memory. 

Production History

April 16-22, 2017
Directed by Matt Ross
Portland, OR